About Me - Robert

My Short Story

In 2013 my wife Laura and I bought a piece of land in Slaughter and built here moving from Houma, LA. Following that move and getting settled in I retired from my job in the Oil Industry in 2018. Now in 2019 I am ready to take what I learned in my hobby (Photography) and start my own photography business. I have always enjoyed photography and have had a camera in my hand since 1980. I know I can use my skills to create great Photographic Memories for the people living in East Feliciana and surrounding areas. My main motivation for creating my business is to keep me active and continue growing in my photography. I love creating beautiful images that others can see, it's my art. While Portrait Photography is a new phase for me I also use my website to showcase my landscape photography I have taken throughout the years and continue to do.

Questions and Answers

What do you charge? 

My rates are meant to be very reasonable. I understand living in a rural area the prices charged have to reflect that. Also I am able to hold down my prices because my photography business is not my sole source of income. In general I offer two basic packages. One for a set of 15 photographs minimum and one for a set of 40 photographs minimum priced for the time spend performing the shoot. Upon delivery of proofs the photographs can be downloaded from the website electronically for $2 each or printed from the website and delivered to you door priced depending on the size you choose with packages available. Prior to my services I perform a free no obligation consultation with each customer where all the prices are reviewed and fully understood and given in writing based on their individual shoot. Other special events are for negotiated pricing and again kept low as possible. I know once you see the results you will be happy with what get for the prices. It is most important to me that anyone that comes here for their photographs will return again knowing they get wonderful photographs for a great price.    

Why go with You?

I know that if you take the time and do the free consultation and review in person my prints you will understand why I am worthy to be the one creating your memories. I use a premium printing service that delivers fantastic prints for very reasonable prices. They have choices for almost any type of prints and offer really quick delivery. I have samples on hand of their printing choices so you know what you will get before you commit to your printing purchase. In addition I safeguard your photographs. Everyone has a two step password protection to their photos but you only have to enter this one time if you visit your photos with the same computer. I keep your photos available to you for years to come so if you need new prints later from your session you can just log on and get them made. This also protects your memories in case of disaster at home. Nearly everyone that ever loses a home to some form of disaster will tell you the one thing they cannot replace are their photos. By using my service you will have the ability to reproduce your photos for years and years to come. I also offer a service for a one time fee to scan and safeguard any current photos you already have should you need to reproduce those in the future (they must be 8X10 or smaller and removed first from any frames or holders, no retouching is applied). Lastly I give a discount to my returning customers so they know that by staying with me they ensure the best prices possible going forward.

What Do you review in the Free Consultation?

In the consultation I take the time to find out about you and what your looking for in your photographs. Everyone has their individual needs and goals for their photography session. The Consultation is designed for me to understand your needs, help guide you where needed and prepare myself just for your shoot. This approach gives consistently good outcomes to the photographs which is what we all want. In addition the Consultation ensures you know what the costs are and what options are right for you. This  includes things like helping you pick the right sizes and types of prints for you needs and even down to the right paper or other material to have your prints made on. As an example you don't want a print you pay good money for placed on a wall near a window but wind up not being able to enjoy it due to shiny reflections on your print. After our Consultation you will know how to prevent such issues and ensure the prints you get and hang on your wall will meet your needs.

What Types of Photography Sessions Do You Do?

In short I do Individual and Family portraits as well as certain special events like Birthdays, Family Sports Photography and others. For the portraits (Family and Individual) this includes Modeling Photography, Graduation Photography, Fitness Photography, Couples Photography, Children and Newborn Photography, Family Portraiture and many more. Call me to discuss your needs and I will give you straight forward recommendations if I feel like I am the Photographer for you. From there we can move to the no obligation Consultation.

Natural Light Photo taken in St. Francisville

  • Natural Light Photography